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Art on the Gray Hill

Rebecca D Anthony

Original 3 Dimensional Works

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Max & Stella Series

When Max was just a kitten and Stella was a newborn chick the unlikely pair met in Mike and Daphne's barnyard near the small New Mexico town of Mountainair. For a long time no one had any idea that the two fluffy animals were meeting in secret, hanging out together. Had they known they might have been worried for baby Stella. After all, cats and chickens are different species; mammal and bird. One has fur and claws, the other, feathers and a beak. Everyone knows they are not meant to play together. There are rules about climbing fences and crossing borders, rules about who your friends should be. Their friendship was thought to be dangerous. Someone was going to get hurt. Max and Stella would be sorry they ever met. But Max and Stella ignored the warnings of their neighbors. They refused to listen to the naysayers. With the encouragement of their friend, Joanie, they played games like hide-and-seek, kick-the-can, name-that-cloud, and dumpster diving. They spent all of their time outside learning about Earth, and the importance of taking care of her. They created memories, collected junk, made new friends, recycled everything they could, and did artwork.

Since the day Max met Stella they have been inseparable. Mike and Daphne's barnyard and Mountainair are not the same (though some people are unwilling to admit it.) Once Max and Stella were discovered, the whole town started looking at the world just a little differently. Everything isn't perfect. Some people still can't seem to get along. Some people think we need to build giant walls to keep animals like Max and Stella apart. But, most things go on just as they always have. The sun still rises in the east. The night sky is filled with spilled buckets of stars. The wind still blows dust into everyone's eyes. But cats and chickens are meeting up a lot more frequently and learning what it's like to be loved for exactly who they are.

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Art on The Gray Hill



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