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Art on the Gray Hill

Rebecca D Anthony

Original 3 Dimensional Works

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Maxmilliano Series II

Because people find it emotionally difficult to deal directly with addictions and other human afflictions the people who suffer with them are often relegated to the dark recesses of society. Not addressing the problems makes them nearly impossible to solve. And yet, many people admit, “there but for the grace of God go I.” In this series, “Las 9 Vidas de Maxmilliano II” Maxmilliano has made choices that have taken him down some difficult roads.

“Las 9 Vidas de Maxmilliano I” highlighted vocations, careers, and hobbies most people would be proud of. They were expansive and joyful. “Las 9 Vidas de Maxmilliano II” is my attempt to honor the struggles of individuals and families who are touched and tortured by addiction, homelessness, emotional and mental disorders; human suffering. “Las 9 Vidas de Maxmilliano II” because everyone deserves a cat patron saint.

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Art on The Gray Hill



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