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Art on the Gray Hill

Rebecca D Anthony

Original 3 Dimensional Works

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Maxmilliano Series I

The two Maxmilliano series are inspired by the life and times of people and cats who live in Mountainair, New Mexico, (and around the world.) There are many feral cats who live in our little town and they are often maligned. In the beginning, I wanted to show an alternative view of the regal cat and chose to create the 9 Lives of Maxmilliano I.

This series honors all those who are passionate about their vocations.
Maxmilliano I became fully engaged in and enjoyed each of his 9 lives. He came out as Maxine in his ninth life when he realized that there is an aspect of him that is transgender. He wanted to honor that female side. Maxmilliano I series culminates in the Maxmilliano I de los Muertos, a Dia de los Muertos altar, since, even cats don't live forever...

Unless they do...
as the reincarnation of Maxmilliano I I introduced, The 9 Lives of Maxmilliano II. This series was created because EVERYONE deserves a saint cat, especially those who are struggling in their lives. The 9 Lives of Maxmilliano II represent the very human pitfalls and addictions that haunt people all over the world. Just as Maxmilliano I has a transgender aspect, Maxmilliano II's 9th life depicts Maxine II, as a transgender cat working as a prostitute. Again, this series ends with a Dia de los Muertos altar of Maxmilliano II. This series has one altar box still in process, that of Maxmilliano II of overeaters.

Then there is Maxmilliano III, the reincarnation of Maxmilliano II, who has yet to decide when he wants to return to Earth. Keep checking the website for the birth announcement of Maxmilliano III.

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