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Art on the Gray Hill

Rebecca D Anthony

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Rebecca was born in the suburbs of Denver where everyone she knew called her Becky. Her grandmother taught her to sew and draw and schooled her on “perspective” as it pertains to the art world. She learned about life perspective later.
She married at a few points in her life; had four children of whom she is incredibly proud; and raised three to adulthood. She adopted and loved more than fifteen cats; kept and loved dogs (which didn’t work out quite the way she had been promised); and still has plants that were given to her by her mother when she was thirteen years old.

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Art came later in life (2008) after she broke her right arm and was admonished not to leave her house for at least three weeks. Because she was bored but could not sew, she picked up an artist paintbrush with her left hand and began painting on a canvas. She then purchased a good set of colored pencils, and pulled out her mother’s old set of oils.
Her life took a wide turn in 2013 when she moved from Denver into a tiny off-the-grid geodesic dome in the middle of New Mexico; quit her job at the airline; became a full-time artist dedicated to improving, changing, complicating, simplifying, including, excluding, and experimenting with creation every day. Her forms change. Her subjects change. Her medium changes (she is currently working in paper.) She will never quit creating. She says, “My husband, children, hiking, camping, pets, the New Mexico landscapes, town gossip, and history all return me to my creator within.”

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Art on The Gray Hill



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